Reluctant Non-Smoker

Gave up smoking so easily

By Rehana Webster

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The mother of my client came with her daughter for our first EFT session.  Daisy (not her real name) wanted me to tell her how EFT worked.  I told her that I could demonstrate to her how the technique worked and was there some issue she wanted to work on.  Daisy said that she had been thinking of giving up smoking.  So I said let’s try it on that.

I got her to take out one cigarette and I asked her to look at it while I tapped on her points.  Then I asked Daisy to smell the cigarette while I continued to tap on her points.  Finally I asked her to put the cigarette between her lips and taste it and suck on it so the urge to light it would be very high, while I continued tapping on her points and getting her to repeat the following statements:

That cigarette looks really inviting and I want to smoke it
That cigarette smells really good and I want to light it
That cigarette tastes sooo good and I want to smoke it
I can see, smell and taste that cigarette and I want to smoke it….
Even though cigarettes make my breath smell…
Even though smoking makes my clothes smell…
Even though smoking is ruining my lungs….
Even though smoking is ruining my health…

This was a 10-minute demo and Daisy said that she didn’t feel like having that cigarette just then but would have a smoke later.  As it turned out, ‘later’ was not going to come!

Daisy called and left an ‘urgent’ message on my phone the following day.  When I called her back she was said that she had mixed feelings because it had been over 24 hours and she had no urge to have a smoke and that she had NOT BEEN READY TO GIVE UP SMOKING JUST YET!

Eight weeks later, Daisy is still a non-smoker (not as reluctant now).  Daisy had been a heavy smoker for several years.

What has truly amazed me is that these results were achieved with only a short demo.  Wonder what could be achieved if one got serious about losing emotional problems?


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Author's Bio:

Rehana Webster is an EFT Master and NLP Master practitioner.  She now lives in Perth, Australia and can be contacted for phone/skype or personal sessions,  Rehana also offers training/workshops in EFT and other modalities.


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