EFT for Child's Upset

Birthday party disappointment

By Dr. Kim Eisen, EFT-ADV, HHCP

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At an 8-year-old’s birthday party, I noticed that she was sad and then found her crying later in her bedroom.  It appears that one of her favorite aunts did not show up (along with her cousins) because the aunt was upset with Grandma.  She was feeling that her aunt didn't care for or love her and of course couldn't understand why she wouldn't be there.

I asked her if she would like to feel better, and she replied 'yes'.  So I sat on the bed and told her she had magic buttons that we were going to tap and make her feel better.  So, I said she could say what I say and follow me where I tap on me.  I asked if I could tap on her first just so she could feel how it should feel when she taps.

We started out with:

Even though I'm really sad, I'm still a good kid. 

Even though Auntie didn't show up, I'm still a good kid.

Even though it hurt my feelings, I deeply and completely love my self and I'm the best kid in the whole wide world. 

We did a few rounds of this and she took a deep breath.  I asked her how she felt and I got a 'good!'

Then, she just wanted to go out and play.  I stayed the rest of the day, and she was playing and having a good time like nothing was ever wrong.  That's the great thing about kids; they just know when they're healed/neutralized and move on.

P.S. - when we went back outside, she had to go up to her mother and father and show them her magic buttons and tell them what it does (very excitedly).  Her mother looked oddly at me, but her father said that anything I tell her is o.k. because it will always be the truth (from a man who speaks little - of course, I was honored.)

Dr. Kim Eisen


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Dr. Kim Eisen is an experienced and intuitive Holistic Health Couselor & Practitioner; spiritual healer and Life Guidance Coach since 1999, using energy psychology tools to eliminate the limiting beliefs and emotional blocks a person has to moving forward. 

She offers private sessions via telephone or video IM worldwide and personal or video group/corporate sessions taylored to the groups venue.  For more information, go to www.DoEFT.com. Feel free to join the ongoing group teleseminar on a wide range of subjects at www.EFTteleseminars.com

Certified in EFT and MTT along with other energy modalities, she combines her own unique blend and the art of delivery to achieve the quickest results for her clients.  Most people have an area of their life that they would like to change or excel at.  Along with the Law of Attraction, we have to eliminate resistance to those things we want, which gives us clarity to make great decisions and manifest our desires.

Kim Eisen, HHCP, EFTCert-I, Ph.D, D.D.

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