Sex Offending Pattern Spoiled with EFT

By Rehana Webster

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I’ve had the opportunity to work with Noel (not his real name) recently and he was very keen to work with me to find an answer for his issues.  Noel has already spent time in jail for offences such as exposing himself to young  pre-pubescent girls, which are his target.  Noel is 40ish.  He has participated in numerous sex-offender programs, which were made available to him, including therapy and counseling from leading psychiatrists and psychologist in the field.  So far nothing has worked for him.

I taught Noel the EFT tapping sequence (short cut – tapping on the face and hand) and asked him to keep a journal and daily diary.  I asked him to be especially aware of any changes in behavior and thinking.   Noel is a very bright, articulate and intelligent person and quite aware of his cognitive processes.

Noel did not want learn the set-up statement part of EFT, nor the 9 gamut procedure.  Despite that he has made some really interesting observations.  I asked Noel to notice when his behaviors start and interrupt them while they were occurring by tapping. 

Noel observed that the first time he tried tapping was when he was driving home after a session with me, he saw a group of young girls and immediately his attention was riveted on them.  At this point he figured ‘what the heck…try the tapping’.   To his amazement he seems to ‘have gone off track’.  The thoughts and feeling he was having as a result of the stimuli (the girls), lost impetus, got weak, disappeared…etc.

Noel thought it must have been a fluke.  So he got home and got out his favorite magazines and while flicking through them, continued to tap away.  No interest, no arousal in the visual stimuli.  In fact, as Noel put it, each time he tapped to change his feelings, he wanted to go and get a cup of tea.  He was amused because he noticed that he has been making himself frequent cups of tea.

Noel is now aware that he only notices his target group as an interesting afterthought and more because he didn’t notice them to begin with.  Something has changed, and Noel is aware of that.  How to describe this……a massive pattern interrupt!

Reminds me of the Fixed Action Patterns.  When I took Animal Behavior 101, FAP’s were the buzzword.  Appears to me that EFT can be used to extinguish a number of patterns/behaviors that have become fixed, automatic and unconscious.  Noel agrees that once the stimuli appeared, he felt compelled to carry out and complete a certain action…this urge was so great that even the threat of punishment and jail paled in comparison to being driven to completing the action…e.g.: exposing himself.

Interestingly, Noel is now tapping on some early child-hood traumas.  Noel also informed me that he seems to be getting interested sexually in older women – age range of about 40ish!


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Rehana Webster, EFT Master now resides in Perth Australia and can be contacted for sessions, workshops and trainings via her webpage


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Posted January 27, 2010 03:50 AM

Hi Rehana,

Your article gives us all hope. I will make a note of it and refer to it when clients ask. How wonderful this simple-looking technique is. So many in the press keep going on about some dramatic flashings, rapes, etc, and are simply not interested in a genuine technique that is actually effective. I am blessed to have come across this article.


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