Test the Spider Phobia

By Rehana Webster

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During an EFT workshop  one of the attendees shared her fear of spiders with the group. 

Just the mention of spiders sent her into a typical phobic reaction.  Jane’s heart was pounding, face flushed a bright red, skin on her hands and palms were sweating and clammy.   She looked terrified!

I had her permission to tap on her face and hands and immediately upon seeing the abreaction, I started tapping.  The language I used was:

I don’t want you to think of spiders at all
I don’t want you to think of their shapes
I don’t want you to think of their sizes
I don’t want you to think of their colors
I don’t want you to think of their googgly eyes
I don’t want you to think of their 8 legs
I don’t want you to think of their hairy bodies
I don’t want you to think of their smooth bodies
I don’t want you to think of speed they move at
I don’t want you to think of how quickly they leap up….

Jane’s breathing started to calm down and her face lightened up considerably after about 6 rounds of tapping on her face and hands.  She also mentioned that it was curious how her heart was no longer pounding.  When she sighed, I took it as a cue that the SUD’s had come down from 10++ to below 5.  At this time I got her to do the gamut procedure.

After this I asked Jane how she felt about spiders.  No phobic reaction, no rapid breathing, bright face and sweaty palms….no previous signs after the EFT treatment.  “I don’t like spiders and don’t want to be near one…but I can think of spiders without freaking out now” said Jane.

I pointed to the table at the far end of the room and asked her was in the glass jar. She immediately spotted the spider and said it could stay there for the time being! It was a co-incident that I had the spider in the jar on that particular day.


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Author's Bio:

Rehana Webster, EFT Master now resides in Perth Australia.  She can be contacted via her website for sessions, workshops and talks.


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