FasterEFT And The Case Of The Disappearing Video

By Suzanne Zacharia

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This article is one in a series of investigating FasterEFT. In the wellbeing and self-help industry, it is important to know we can trust the person helping us and their intentions. This particular article focuses on a video which was central to dividing the EFT and Tapping community. I set about on a journey to find the truth.

I spoke at length to Robert Smith, FasterEFT's founder. FasterEFT stands for Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations an is very much based on EFT. Of course, whether this is faster or not depends on the client and their situation. However, it helped my friend Rose go from having Lupus to no Lupus in her bloods within weeks. So for Rose, it was definitely faster. I cannot, and nobody can say that did not happen. It is real. She is real. And I am so very happy for her. I honestly do not believe any other tapping method would have worked as fast for her.

For others, the technique, like many other equally good methods, produces initially a fast transformation but later for whatever reason, the person states that this was not long-lasting. Of course, it is important that in using any self-help or self-development method, the client understands that they need to reapply as necessary. And the word “Faster” does translate to “immediate” in many people's minds. After all, we all want to end our pain and suffering as soon as possible. It is said that we as humans are motivated by one of two goals; avoidance of pain, and gaining of pleasure. Most people are motivated by avoidance of pain, hence the attraction to any method that seems faster or that they have heard great news about.

I have my own examples to give from my classical EFT and hypnotherapy experience. I used to specialise in stopping smoking (now less so as less people smoke). And I have had many cases where one person stopped smoking in one session, was delighted, and referred their friend or loved one. Alas, one particular referral took significantly longer; as many as 14 sessions. It seemed so unfair, but not everyone goes at the same pace. The client, whilst initially disappointed at the slow pace, was delighted with the end result as we persisted. She not only stopped smoking, but lost weight along the way! So what if it takes some people longer using a method seen to be faster, as long as the end result is achieved? It is not a race. And there is much self-development and release along the way. Anyway, what does this have to do with a disappearing video, you may well ask?!

Well, there was a video taken of a man whom I shall call “SolMan” (not his real name). Whilst I found a video of him on an anti-FasterEFT website saying that the video was wrong, I could not find it anywhere on the FasterEFT website or its Youtube channel. So I asked Robert Smith about it and learned that SolMan asked for the video to be removed about 18 months after it was created. Robert initially could not understand why, as so many people were helped with this video and encouraged to take their well-being further as a result. And SolMan had signed a consent form for the video to be taken. However, nobody wants to upset their clients. So Robert took the video down.

In my opinion, it is best to respect the client's wishes and keep that video off the internet. If somebody feels aggrieved for whatever reason, they have to be respected and it is only good policy to keep that video private or destroy it altogether. I would like to see it gone from all websites. Let SolMan have his peace.

Wishing you peace and privacy on your own personal success journey


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