Happiness and EFT

Addressing the 50% to achieve overall results

By Helen P Bressler

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My speciality as a transformational self-development coach is to assist others in finding their purpose, success, resolution of conflict and ultimately happiness.  Furthermore, my focus is always on congruency and peace.  You see when people are at peace, they tend to be genuinely happier.  When people are congruent, i.e. what they think, say and do are in alignment, they tend to be happier.  And this is true whether I work with clients on individual, couples or professional goals. This means that I often work on an individual's level of happiness. 

After all, what are all our achievements and successes if we are not happy?
What is wealth if we have no happiness in it?  What is good health if we are unhappy?  And don't we want our relationships and interactions to be happy, fulfilling ones? 

I’ll begin by asking the question: are you happy?  I’m not talking about the fleeting happiness that occurs when we get something we want or have an unexpected lovely surprise; I’m talking about a relatively stable state of happiness, contentment or sense of well-being. So think about it. And I’ll ask again: Are you happy? Right now? In this moment, regardless of what you’re doing or who you’re with or your current situation. Are you happy?  
It’s rather interesting to know that there have been numerous studies on happiness.  Furthermore, the research is showing us that 50% of happiness is genetically determined, 10% is influenced by current life circumstances, and 40% is open to change! So basically, happiness is 50% part DNA and 50% part life and our reactions to it. Nature vs nurture!

When I ask my clients what makes them happy, many will refer immediately to an external source; a thing, a place or a person. Additionally, it will be something that is either personally gratifying or something that they see as within their control.  Few really ‘get’ that only 10% of happiness or unhappiness is caused by external factors.  So when I am addressing happiness with a client I’m much more interested in their internal state and response to their external circumstances, than the external circumstances themselves.  Furthermore, it’s never really the external situation, event or a person that someone is reacting to but their perception of it/them.

It follows that our underlying beliefs and adherence to the past underpin our perceptions and hence cause our reactions.  That means that EFT can be used to address the underlying beliefs and the tendency to focus on the past; thus shifting perception and altering reactions.  That’s the 10% taken care of.  The 40% that is open to change can easily be transformed from unhappiness to happiness using EFT in much the same manner.  We can start making lists of what’s bothersome about our life, character, behaviors and thoughts.  We then pick one a day to tap on.  By using EFT to address the 10% and 40% we’ll start shifting that past, doubtful, negative focus to a more present, positive, unlimited one.  And that means more peace, confidence, clarity and yes… happiness.

And what about the genetic 50%?  Well, research is being conducted in regard to the effects of energy psychology on genetic makeup.  Despite this potential to alter DNA and consequently the happiness gene couldn’t we just start with the 50% that we know we can change?  And if we used EFT to experience the present moment more, release our grievances and negative beliefs then wouldn’t we be more inclined toward happiness, despite our genetic inheritance?

A large part of what I do is exactly this.  I help folk become more present, more expansive in outlook, more creative, more hopeful. Happier.  And from that place we have better personal and professional relationships, feel more connected and compassionate and achieve greater things. 

      Now that is a happy place to be!

      You are blessed always,


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Author's Bio:

Helen is a self-development expert and transformational coach. She assists individuals, couples and groups to improve relationships/health, unleash potential and achieve dreams.
She address self-limiting beliefs, trauma and blocks that get in the way of discovering our purpose; and optimizes growth and achievement. What's more, she expertly creates tailor-made plans/sessions that perfectly suit the needs of her clients. She also uses and teaches EFT.
She has over 2 decades of experience in working with self-development. Additionally she is certified in EFT & Z Point and is a certified professional coach, a registered nurse, and ordained minister. Clients have reported feeling happier, healthier, calmer and more aligned to their true self as a result of working with Helen.
Helen co-authored '101 Ways to Enhance Your Career' and has had countless articles published both electronically and in paper form.
As part of her own continuing development she is currently working towards her license in marriage and family therapy.
Helen is available for individual, group, family and couples sessions.   
Visit her website for further information and details of how to contact Helen: www.optimumevolution.com




Posted April 10, 2013 03:21 PM

How many times do haft to do the tapping before you get results


Helen P Bressler
Posted June 21, 2013 07:39 PM

Hi there Deon,
My question would be: how are you tapping?
You may find quicker results by making a list of what you are hanging onto in the past [or present] that is causing unhappiness. Then tap on one each day. And go through the list as many times as necessary to bring each down to 0.
The key is persistance and consistency. So if you do this for 90 days and then look back at where you were 3 months ago to look for changes.
90 days may seem a lot, but if we look at it, this is only 2 minutes a day - so 180 minutes in total over time. Not really a big deal. Especially to start shifting into happiness.
Alternatively, if there is a pattern to unhappiness, then make a list on what is specially bothersome that impinges on your happiness and either work with an EFT practitioner to plough through this in a few sessions or do the above technique.
And joining a group and tapping with others always help to make the shifts.
We're often looking for mindblowing results in very little time and whilst EFT can do this; often the changes are more subtle.
I hope this gives you an answer that is meaningful and useful to you.


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