How to Surrogate Tap with EFT

An easy guide for you

By Suzanne Zacharia

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Surrogate tapping is one area where EFT shines as an energy healing modality.  Here is how to do it.

We start by saying thanks and doing a psychic protection.  Then simply say to God/The Universe:

"I ask that my body be used as a vessel for healing [person/animal's name] for the highest good"

You can additionally imagine a psychic thread connecting you and the person/animal as one being for the duration of the treatment. 

You can tap these on the Karate Chop - it makes it that much more powerful.

And then proceed as follows.

Tap on the Karate Chop continuously as you say this Setup statement three times.


"Even though [channel words through your mouth of the person/animal's distress], I'm a good boy/girl/baby/dog/cat/horse/I am loved/my owner/Mummy/Daddy/Auntie Bettie loves me very much"

Now tap on the other points continuously as you say this Reminder statement once at each point.


[channel words through your mouth of the person/animal's distress]

One frequently asked question is how to channel the "right" words to say.  That really is making it more complicated.  Just say anything and trust.  Trust is the biggest block in your path to free chanelling.  If in doubt, just guess what to say.  Remember that you cannot do this wrong!  So just say anything and trust that it is right.

Of course, this is a tappable issue!  Before you tap, you can tap for channeling.  Say as you tap on all the points the following Setup and Reminder.

"I ask that my ego is put on hold when I start the surrogate tapping.  I trust the words that come out of my mouth, without question, and that's OK."

If you are in touch with angels or spirit guides, ask them to communicate with the person/animal for you.  

Ask them to help you figure out what the real issue is.

Then when healing, ask your guides/angels to help you channel.

The more you practice surrogate tapping, the more you learn how to get your ego out of the way.  You are only a vessel for the healing whilst surrogate tapping.

For example, if a dog barks too much, it is tempting fr a human to heal it with the intention of stopping the barking.  Whereas the dog may be distressed being cooped up, not being able to see out, or insecure when left alone at home.  This is what the dog wants healing from, not the barking, which is a symptom, not a cause.

We finish the tapping statements by breaking the link with the person/animal.  Simply say:

"I am now [your name]"

And to finish the healing, we then say thanks for the healing and remove any connections we have made to the person/animal's energy, such as cutting a golden thread connecting you to the animal, washing your hands to release the energy of the healing session, etc. 

Enjoy the healing and your learning journey.



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