When Positive Thinking Isnít Enough

By Seth Lepore

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For decades there have been a lot books published on the power of positive thinking. Put simply, if you change your thought patterns to more positive qualities then your life will change for the better; by repeating positive affirmations on a consistent basis things will eventually shift.

These books and experts don’t explain the loopholes that make this relatively simple way of thinking and acting flawed. This is not to say that the role of positive thinking doesn’t have a place and that it can completely transform a situation. It’s just that the first step has been overlooked.

All of the core negative components that orbit around the desired positive outcome need to be worked on first. As the layers of core negative beliefs unfold, the smaller difficulties fall away, leaving room for the desired positive results to come to fruition.

Here are some of the factors as to why positive thoughts/affirmations refuse to manifest:

The Underlying Unconscious Mind
: The unconscious contains all the thoughts and beliefs that we are not aware of. Even though we may want to be in a long-term relationship, there is a part of the unconscious mind that may be sabotaging that.

A positive affirmation is repeatedly stated and is derailed by the unconscious mind. A good test is to state an outrageous positive affirmation such as “I make five trillion dollars a year with ease” and see how you feel after you say it. If it doesn’t seem credible then it probably isn’t. However even the things that we do truly want, that are genuinely attainable, can have undercurrents that anchor us from moving forward in the direction we want to go.

Habitual Patterns
: Our family systems and socialization through schooling and other activities provide us with key ways in which we view the world. Through these interactions we discover how we are a blend of personality, ego, genetics and learned behavior to name a few.

Habitual patterns can be both positive and negative. Say there is a belief in your family that you can’t get through life without a spouse, that you will become isolated and lonely. From that inherent belief you may force your intimate relationships to be your only solace and foundation. You may stay in long-term relationships that aren’t necessarily nurturing or loving so that you aren’t alone. This pattern can extend to staying in a job that is below you skill level or maintaining friendships that never go beyond surface level conversations.

Cellular Memory: Humans will always be superior to any external technology that is developed. We are able to track everything that has ever occurred to us on a cellular level. While we may not be able to recall everything through our memory, our cells sift and organize all that information. So if an event or situation contains data that works against our highest good, it can cause us to make choices that subvert what would truly be good for us in the long run.

Our cells don’t see a difference between good and bad. They simply work with what is there and provide layers of specific data that show why we operate the way we do.

Using EFT to Get Underneath Negative Aspects

Now to the healing and balancing of these three areas. There are many ways to help clear the system of unconscious rhetoric, habitual patterns and difficulties that cause pain on a cellular level. One way is using Emotional Freedom techniques (EFT). EFT has been incredible in the transformation of these negative qualities.   By stating a specific negative experience/ emotion/ difficulty in relation to the fact that you still love and accept yourself despite this obstacle you create room for the imbalance to transform.  While tapping on points that go directly to the unconscious mind, you open the pathways of the energy system to be rebalanced.

The more specific you are the more EFT deals directly with the core source of the negative issues. You open to understanding why these negative influences created roadblocks to what you truly want and desire in your life.  Once the emotional charge of the negative influence are balanced out then the positive affirmation can be instilled. This way the positive desire won’t have to rub up against the unconscious patterns that consistently say the direct opposite of your true wish. The ego can stop fighting to protect that which no longer needs protection and your essence can come forward to connect with your highest purpose with ease.


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Author's Bio:

My name is Seth Lepore and I am an Intuitive Counselor, EFT Cert-I and Reiki Practitioner at the Master Level (III). I specialize in Depression, Fears & Phobias, Spiritual Crisis, Trauma, Abuse, PTSD, Stress and Anxiety, Difficult Emotions and Creative Blocks.

My intention is to provide a safe, trusting environment for clients to feel and heal at their own pace. My passion is showing clients how to use Energy Psychology to lessen the charge of difficult emotions and habitual thought patterns as well as deepen their unique spiritual path. I’m known for my down to earth approach and sense of humor in the face of obstacles.

I teach classes in developing intuition, setting boundaries, spatial awareness and regaining trust of one’s own process and experiences. I work with clients in person throughout New England as well as worldwide via phone sessions and Skype. Find out more at practicalhealings.com


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